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Laura Anderson is in Dubai when new magazine call her for a catch-up. “I’m just by the pool,” the former Love Island star tells us. “I made the last-minute decision to come and see my sister who lives here.”

Laura’s well-needed holiday comes just weeks after her break-up from fitness coach Tom Brazier, who she met during lockdown. The pair called it quits ahead of Laura moving back to Scotland in September, with Tom initially planning to go with her.

Taking to Instagram Stories to announce the split, Laura wrote at the time: “Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out between us. In respect of Tom’s privacy I won’t be discussing this further. All my love to him and you all for your continued support.”

In our chat she tells us it was her decision to end things – admitting she wants to be “selfish”. “I’m quite happy,” she says. “I’ve got my friends and family around me. It’s not like I’m saying I don’t need him now, I just want to do my own thing.”

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Since her break-up from hunky Tom, Laura is said to have “grown more romantic” with Love Island pal Jack Fincham. Much to our disappointment, she isn’t willing to talk about the rumours that they’re more than friends when we go back to her for further comment.

But the 31-year-old is in good spirits as she opens up about love in general and her plans to forge a radio presenting career.

Here, Laura lifts the lid on staying civil with her ex and hitting back at online trolls…

Hi Laura! What happened between you and Tom?

It was my decision. I think it was the right thing to do. We did have plans for him to follow me up to Scotland and I think he really was still up for it. He was a great guy that I met in lockdown, but it’s not a normal situation to meet someone in. It’s like Love Island, you meet people in there and then you come out and people break up because it’s a different situation and your lives just don’t fit in together as much as you thought they would.

Do you think you were in a lockdown love bubble?

Yeah, it is a bubble. We were neighbours so we only sort of had each other. It was lovely that he wanted to follow me up to Scotland, but I think that’s not always the right thing for them. Sometimes, when people move for you, you sort of have to look after them a little bit and I think for once in my life I want to be a little bit selfish.

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Are you still civil?

Yeah we are on good terms. He’s been so lovely to me. He’s sent me flowers and a housewarming gift. It’s so horrible breaking up with someone – I felt so guilty. I would much rather be dumped than have to break up with someone else. Sometimes you don’t trust your own gut and you think, “Is it the right thing to do? What if I make a mistake?” So it wasn’t something I just decided quickly. I had been thinking about it and I was just a bit unsure. I think when the person is right, you’re not unsure. I just thought, “If I’m doubting this now and it’s still early on, then I have to just take a bit of a risk.”

Are you open to dating or do you want to stay single?

I really don’t know. I think sometimes I do find it a little bit difficult with people’s intentions and I just find it hard to trust. Guys will come up to me on a night out and I can hear them whispering stuff like, “That’s that bird from Love Island.” It’s like, “You don’t actually like me you’re just making a joke about it with your friends.” So yeah, for now, I’m not really sure. It’s the last thing on my mind, really. I think that’s always the nicest way to be because you feel confident and happy in yourself.

Do you still see marriage and babies in your future?

Yeah, of course. I’ve always been quite a maternal person. Even with my friends, I mother them a little bit. I think most people want the happy ending and all that jazz, but I’m in no rush. I think I’ve tried to rush it before and that’s when it really doesn’t work out.

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How are you finding living in Scotland?

It’s good for me to be around my family and friends who I haven’t lived around for so long. I wanted to buy a place but it was just so difficult during lockdown. I’ve found this amazing three-bed flat which I’m renting, but it’s just temporary. I think this is the best scenario – rent for a bit and realise if I even like it and can deal with the rain!

You’re looking great at the moment! What’s your exercise regime?

I got a personal trainer that my ex Tom recommended – a girl in Scotland – and I started training with her as soon as I moved up there. We train twice a week and she’s also trying to get me to do classes and runs as well.

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You’ve been skinny shamed in the past. Does it affect you?

It doesn’t affect me, but if it’s under a post on Instagram, other people are going to read it, like young girls. I always try and reply in a way that’s saying fat shaming and skinny shaming are equally as bad. I’m genuinely working out to try and get a bit more shape about me because that makes me feel good. I would never want to be an advocate or make anyone look at me and think, “I want to be really skinny.” I don’t personally feel like I’m too skinny. I eat well and I work out.

You previously revealed you regret having a boob job. Do you have any plans to get them done again?

I got one when I was so young. I tried to get mine reduced and, to be honest, they’re not even that much smaller. I still feel like I don’t like them and now I’ve got another scar. I don’t necessarily regret the first time round because they saw me well for 10 years and I was fine with them, but as soon as I came off Love Island and saw myself on TV, I was like, “I don’t like this look on me any more.” Now I’m just waiting for things to open up and then I might go to Australia to get them done because there’s a really good guy over there, but I know that’s quite extreme!

Tell us about your hair extension range, LA lox…

I’ve wanted to do it for so long. I know everyone dabbles in make-up and stuff, but I’m actually a hairdresser and I have been for seven years. It’s really exciting to wear my own hair and see people loving it.

What other work projects would you love to do?

I did some co-hosting with Capital Scotland last year and when they heard I was coming back, there were some talks about maybe getting a permanent position. So it’d be amazing to be on the radio up there to get some experience. TV has been an amazing experience for me and I just want to do more.

Laura has launched her LA lox clip-in hair pieces. Visit

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