Aww! After Marcelino faked out pregnant Brittany that he was afraid of commitment, the ‘Love After Lockup’s star ended up proposing in the sweetest of ways via a magic trick that has fans cheering. We’ve got their reactions.

After a drama-filled season of doomed relationships on Love After Lockup, fans were treated to some major joy when Marcelino proposed to pregnant Brittany in the cutest way. On the March 1 episode of the WE tv reality hit,  he faked her out earlier in the day while grocery shopping, telling her he wasn’t sure if he was ready for a family or a long-term commitment. That broke the 27-year-old red head’s heart and left her so confused. Then the pair went on a date night in downtown Las Vegas where the two encountered a street magician that Marcelino has secretly helped set up his surprise proposal.

The magician picked them out of a crowd and did a couple of card tricks with his slight of hand. He then got out a scarf and asked Marcelino to imagine the one thing he wanted the most in the world. The 40-year-old closed his eyes, gave a thought and away came the scarf to show him holding on to a box with a ring in it! Marcelino got down on one knee and proposed, to which Brittany gave an enthusiastic “yes.”

The ring was all the more special because it was a simple gold band and Marcelino explained that it belonged to his grandmother. He told Brittany how she wore it with love during her 46-year-marriage to his grandfather and Brittany absolutely melted. She told him it was the best thing anyone had ever given to her, as well as the most sentimental.  Fans were applauding Marcelino’s well done job with the wedding proposal on Twitter.

“OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST PROPOSAL!!!!” one fan tweeted out while another added, “That proposal was cute AF!!! Well done Marcelino.” “Congrats to Brittany and Marcelino for finally becoming engaged!! Hope they have a long and successful marriage!” one fan wished for the couple, while another cheered “Brittany’s reaction was so genuine and sweet. I’m happy for her.” Marcelino told Brittany after proposing that he wanted them to get married before their baby arrived, and on next week’s two-hour season finale, fans got a sneak peek at their wedding! It all goes down on March 8 at 8pm EST on WE tv.

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