The fear of getting fired is at an all-time high on ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,’ and Jules takes desperate measures to prove herself in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

The VIP hosts on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club are all on edge after Lindsay Lohan fired May Yassine during last week’s episode! “I can’t believe all this s*** is happening now,” Sara Tariq says in HollywoodLife’ EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the upcoming episode. Brent Marks adds, “I knew it yesterday. I f***ing knew it.” Meanwhile, Lindsay’s Creative Director, Panos Spentzos reveals that May is “not fired anymore,” which is likely why tensions are so high amongst the rest of the cast — could it be one of them instead?!

“I’m actually having a headache out of this,” Panos admits. “Because I need to let someone else go.” As the group continues to freak out, Lindsay arrives out of nowhere and pulls Jules Wilson aside. “There’s some bad juju going on in the air, and now, Lindsay’s talking to Jules,” Mike Mulderrig says. “It makes me nervous, too, because at this point, I think anyone could be let go for any reason. “

It turns out, though, that it was actually Jules who requested the private meeting with Lindsay. “I told Panos that I wanted to have a sit down with him and finally speak up,” she explains. “This is my chance to prove myself.” Jules’ work has been criticized by Panos more than once on the show, and she’s been fighting to show him that she can handle the job.

We’ll find out if someone does get fired, as well as the result of Jules’ chat with Lindsay and Panos, when the next episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club airs on Feb. 18 at 10:00 p.m. on MTV!

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