Lily Allen and David Harbour may have surprised fans with their September wedding, but the pair’s paths first crossed at least one year earlier.

Those interested in their union may have wondered how Harbour—who plays the beloved Sheriff Hopper on Stranger Things—and Allen, the British pop singer, met. They sparked dating rumors after being spotted around London, but Allen is sharing the backstory behind their relationship.

Harbour and Allen wed in September

After about one year of dating, Lily Allen and David Harbour tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony. The nuptials happened with an Elvis Presley impersonator on the premises as well as Allen’s two daughters in tow. Fans speculated the duo got engaged in early 2020 after seeing a ring on Allen’s finger, but the couple never confirmed it.

TMZ discovered a marriage license filed in September, and the lovebirds later shared photos from their big day, confirming they got hitched on Sept. 7.

Lily Allen and David Harbour met on Raya

While numerous media outlets were reporting on Harbour’s presence in England for Marvel’s Black Widow, he was playing things low-key in his private life.

According to an interview with Allen for The Sunday Times, she and Harbour met through “an app.”

She jokingly covered her face and admitted they met on Raya, the celebrity dating app. “He was shooting a film in London, playing a Russian character. He had the name Karl Marx tattooed on his fingers,” she said.

Allen reflected and said it was a little bit of love at first sight. “We went to the Wolseley—I’m so posh!—and there’s this middle table in the middle section that’s underneath a clock, and I remember looking at him and it reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, you know?” she mused.

She added that it was her first date ever (in life) and she was anxious. After mentioning how her children loved the food at the place, Allen said Harbour asked, “Oh, you have kids?”

She said he lied so she wouldn’t think he googled her, but she looked him up too. He already knew a few basic things about her. And at the time, she’d never seen Stranger Things. That’s since changed and she thinks the show is great.

In a stroke of luck, Allen found her wedding dress 90 minutes before the ceremony. The salesperson found it tucked away in the back of the store, and Allen made her final decision with her eight-year-old daughter Ethel’s input.

Allen talks kids, monogamy

Allen also told The Times this is the most mature relationship she’s been in, and she’s ready to be monogamous. She’s admitted to being unfaithful in her first marriage.

As for kids, she is down to have more in a couple years. “I’m in a really good place. I don’t know if I’d mess with my hormones, at this particular point,” she said. Her youngest daughter Marnie is seven. For now, Harbour and Allen are enjoying being newlyweds and hanging out with the children.

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