‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tommie Lee has been shockingly accused of multiple child abuse charges in Georgia due to an alleged incident with her young daughter at her school, and now she could end up serving some serious jail time.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee, 34, has been indicted of multiple child abuse charges in the state of Georgia due to an incident with her young daughter, and now she faces up to 50 or more years in prison if she’s ultimately determined guilty, TMZ reports. According to the indictment filing, Tommie went into her daughter’s middle school class last Oct. and allegedly disrupted the room while slapping her daughter on the hands with a purse strap. She also allegedly slapped her across the face and dragged her down the hall by her hair before she allegedly threw her into a metal locker.

The horrible alleged actions are so serious that Tommie is facing seven charges, three of which are felonies and four are misdemeanors. If she does end up getting convicted on all seven, she could end up going to jail for up to a lengthy 54 years, prosecutors told the outlet.

Despite the new jaw dropping accusations, this isn’t the first time we heard about Tommie and this case. On Oct. 16, right after the school incident allegedly took place, Tommie was arrested and booked for battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty. She was released on Oct. 17 after posting a $27k bond and was given a court order to stay away from her daughter, but three hours after her release, she allegedly violated the order and got in contact with her child. She was arrested again and held without bail for a period of time.

Shortly after the horrible charges came to the surface on Jan. 7, Tommie took to Instagram to leave a cryptic message that many feel is in response to the headlines about her. “Slow news day I see,” the post read.

We’ll definitely be updating this story as more info gets released.

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