Valentine’s Day has come and gone again and with it, were a ton of romantic and melt-worthy Instagrams and dedications online.

Lauren Jauregui, Becky G, Gregg Sulkin and many more posted sweet messages and pics for the annual romantic holiday that you might’ve missed while scrolling through your feeds.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you baby love✨?,” Lauren started her post on Instagram to Ty Dolla $ign. “2 down and I love you more???.”

She also made a point to clap back at the naysayers of her relationship, writing: “idgaf if you ship it or not. This man is a real life dream. Treats me better and loves me more than any person who’s ever entered my life, so y’all can keep being fake internet mad about it lol.”

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i’ve never met anyone like you and i don’t think i ever will. you bring me to a place no one has the capability of doing and i mean this on a whole spiritual level that the more and more im with you, i’m no longer learning about you. but it’s like i am remembering?? remembering you from another life i swear. i swear we done this thing in 1000 other lives together. you’re my guy… seriously, no one ever can compete. ill forever be so happy i to have you. i love you, i love you, i love you, my best friend ♡ (my arm is behind my back)

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Showed up to sing the national anthem at the @lakings game and found these roses in my green room. I think this may have been the first time I’ve gotten roses on Valentine’s Day.. @calebleemusic you are so sweet and thoughtful. I adore you endlessly and will love you TO THE END of time. • ? Also peep the note he included. (Last year we were friends on Valentine’s Day. We went to CVS for groceries and of course there were all these chocolates in the aisles, well he grabbed one and asked me to be his valentine, and I said “uhhh, no” cuz I was super scared and embarrassed and nervous and didn’t know what to say because Idk how to act around boys.) Anyways, glad it worked out, cuz I got myself a keeper. ♥️

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You make EVERYDAY literally feel like VALentines day. . You are my calm, my comfort, my happiness, my strength, my heart, and my whole world. You make me feel confident, strong, and powerful. You encourage me everyday to do better and try a little harder. Thank you for making this year of love the best one yet. Soooo grateful I get to love you FOREVER!!!!!!

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Adventures with you are my favorite. They make the best memories. Happy Valentine’s Day Sebastian. ❤️ Thanks for being my person. You’re laying right next to me and I must say, there’s no other place I’d rather be at this very moment. I love you ?

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There are very few souls in the world so kind, selfless and pure. Happy I met you. Happy to have you ❤️

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Sometimes you don’t have to look for happiness, it finds you…

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Happy Valentine’s Day my love❤️ thank u for being my best pal and making every day so special. Forever and always.

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