Now columnist Lauren Goodger gives her views on this week’s hottest new relationship – and she tells us why she’s not convinced it’s the real deal…

I can’t believe Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell are meant to be dating! Surely not? Is it a publicity stunt 
for a new single he’s doing that she features in? Or maybe they really are an item, but he seems too much of a boy for her. She’d eat 
him alive! I do believe that 
in the words of my fave singer Aaliyah that Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, but 
I just can’t imagine it. I found it hard even to imagine him and Cheryl as he always comes across as quite young in his interviews. Fair play to them both if they are though, Naomi Campbell is amazing!

Katie is desperate to adopt

Katie Price has said this week that she wants to adopt. I’m sorry but why the hell not?! There are so many unwanted or orphaned children in the world, what’s wrong with wanting to give one a home? 
I don’t care what people say about Kate, anyone can see she’s a great mum. She’s hands-on and she’s not like those celebs that have a nanny and barely see them. I don’t understand why everyone’s so surprised? Yeah, she’s had a tough year and had her ups and downs, but 
I bet there’s children in the world living with parents experiencing far worse. Kate loves her kids and gives them the best of everything. You only have to watch her shows to see how close she is to them. It breaks my heart to think of those parentless kids 
when there are so many of us who could provide them with love and 
a good life.

Lips today, gone tomorrow

Olivia Attwood has had her top lip filler removed, but 
not forever! Sometimes after a build-up it can get too 
much and go over the lip line, so it’s good to get it all dissolved and start again from scratch, so you can build the shape you want. I had mine dissolved, as they had started 
to lose shape. I don’t have as much as I used to, but my lip has definition and a Cupid’s bow, rather than looking like it is all the same thickness. It’s a personal choice, some people love it, some hate it. You gotta do what makes you happy!

My new teeth!

I’m still wearing my Lingual Braces (@lingual braces) fitted by Artalign (@artalign). I went back this week to have the brace changed. My teeth are actually very straight, so I’m having them to make gaps, so I have some room for composite bonding. The braces are moving my teeth to the right position to make some space. They make me speak a bit funny, but it’s amazing how quickly they’ve worked. They’re on the inside of my teeth too, so at least you can’t see the train tracks! It’s worth working with your own natural teeth if you can commit to wearing a brace rather than having veneers.

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