Laura Marano has a new song, titled “Let Me Cry,” coming out next month!

The former Austin & Ally star made the announcement on Twitter on Saturday (December 29).

“Also, it’s a little early, but I’m pretty flipping excited and since some of you know about this now…” she wrote.

Her second tweet features the single artwork along with the release date: January 11.

“IM GONNA CRY. WTF,” one fan commented, to which Laura responded, “I’ll let you cry as long as you LET ME CRYYYYYYY.”

Laura also shared, “I can’t wait to explain the single artwork to you guys ?????? AHHH IM SO EXCITED,” adding that it is “A sad song ???.”

“It’s just very different….it’s definitely one of my favorites,” she said.

On choosing to make the announcement now, Laura explained, “I guess there’s an app that alerts people on new music and when it’s out, so the flipping app did this song, soooo I just thought, I should at least announce on Twitter….”

We can’t wait!

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