Kylie Jenner is teasing her fans that she has ‘something exciting’ to tell them and everyone’s freaking out that she might be pregnant again. We’ve got the wild reactions.

When Kylie Jenner tweets, fans listen. On Jan. 21 she wrote “I have something really exciting i get to share soon with you guys! I’ve been cooking this up for a while i can’t wait to share my new project alreadyyy.” The 21-year-old’s fans immediately though that what was being cooked up was a bun in the oven! Since Kylie’s so wildly in love with being a mother to nearly one-year-old daughter Stormi Webster, people thought she and partner Travis Scott had another little one on the way.

Fans had all types of guesses but a new baby was near the top of the list. “You’re pregnant,” one fan claimed and another asked “Is it another baby?” “Cooking this up for a while? It better be a baby brother or sis for Stormi,” one person tweeted back at Kylie. Another popular guess was that she and Travis were planning a wedding. “You & Travis are getting married??” one person asked.

Kylie is not expecting as she responded “Noooo lol” when someone asked “are you pregnant again?” She also denied that her new project has anything to do with her near billion dollar cosmetics empire, again writing “No” when asked “Is it related to kylie cosmetics? Another popular guess was that she’s been making music with her super-talented rapper partner. “Is it a song?!!!” was a question many asked and Kylie again denied that guess. She also denied that she was doing a collaboration with anyone for her new project.

Another popular guess was “Season 2 of Life of Kylie?” referring to her E! reality show that only had one season in 2017. Another fan pointed out “She trademarked a skin care brand name recently.” “Baby clothing line for sure,” another person thought about what her new project is. But the proof was in the wording for the majority of her followers, who are sure she’s coming out with a cook book of her favorite recipes.

“If @KylieJenner is ‘cooking up’ a cookbook I’ll die!” one fan wrote while another tweeted at her “You love to cook and you’ve been COOKING this up for a while. It’s a cook book!!” “You got a cookbook coming for us, mama??” another asked. This is probably the most likely project for Kylie, as she shot down so many other guesses but has not responded to the cook book suggestions. Plus, as she’s documented on social media, she does love to cook so a volume of her own recipes would be a major hit with her fans and a brilliant new business venture. We can’t wait for her big reveal!

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