In the event that you’re wondering what Kelly Clarkson’s been up to recently, her movements include getting high at the dentist and blanking on entire days of her life. And when I say “recently” I mean years ago, but what is time, really?

Kelly told her simply iconic dentist story on The Kelly Clarkson Show while chatting to Kaley Cuoco about nights they ~can’t remember~. “I was at CVS filling some prescription because I’d had dental work done the day before,” she said. “And I look in my bag and I have all these jewelry boxes and I’m like, ‘What the hell?’ Like I have literally five to six big boxes of jewelry in my bag. And I’m like, ‘Did I, like, rob someone’s house? What’s happening?'”

Kelly then called her assistant, who explained that they’d literally gone shopping together post-rehearsal and gone to dinner—none of which Kelly remembered. Watch her tell the story below, but this is the best part:

Kelly: “I was so high from the dentist….what did the dentist give me, is my question?”

Kaley: “Wow! And where can we get it?”

Honestly, I have trouble recalling key events of my life when I’m not high from dental fumes, so I get it.

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