Social media star-turned-singer Dounia and Kehlani have shared the official music video for their collaboration called “Rich Girl Mood.”

“Rich Girl Mood” is a single from Kehlani’s album, The Avant-Garden.

Kehlani, who is expecting a baby, is also planning to release a mixtape, which she described as “more grown” and “honest.”

The video, which shows the singers rampaging an upscale store after it has closed, was produced by Tired Studio Production.

Ahead of the album’s launch Friday, Dounia described the song as “a boastful ass anthem about female bosses.”

“Rich girl, yeah, she get it and spend it
When it come to the stores she selective
Keep it real cool calm and collected I’m biflexual; debit or credit?
I’m on a quality wave, every pic on my page
Keepin’ me paid
You cut me open today, I’d prolly bleed chardonnay,” they sing on the track.

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