Katie Price's quest for body perfection led her to undergo a facelift, Brazilian butt lift and liposuction on the same trip to the surgeon last week.

But as she recovers from the gruelling work, it's Katie is said to becoming concerned about how slow are wounds are healing.

Friends have claimed Katie has even jokes that her ears could fall off if the scars on her face don't improve.

Yesterday, it was reported Katie had to call in doctors after her wounds became infected and started to ooze pus.

A source close to the model told The Sun: “Katie’s face is being very slow to heal. Her immune system is very low and she’s constantly worried it’ll get infected after both her boob and her face got infected in the past after surgery.

“She’s concerned the scars around her face aren’t healing quickly enough – she’s even joked her ears might fall off.

“She’s keeping her hair up and away from the wounds and is constantly paranoid about the animals coming near her as she’s been advised to stay away from anything dirty that could cause an infection.”

The model has been keeping a low profile following her trip the Istanbul clinic but re-emerged for her appearance at the Houses of Parliament showing off her noticeably tauter face.

A publicist for Katie said: "She is absolutely fine and recovering as she should do."

Former glamour model Katie has experienced trouble with her cosmetic work before.

In scenes aired on My Crazy Life, the mum asked then-husband Kieran Hayler to clean up her wounds after a facelift became infected.

"My ears! It's not good is it? That's why it's itching," said Katie as he inspected the crusty stitches.

Katie then confessed she hadn't been taking her antibiotics as instructed by the doctor.

An exasperated Kieran told the camera: "When it comes to husbandly duties … even cleaning the puss and the mess from behind your wife's ear after her latest face lift, it exceeds anything I think I've ever known."

Katie also told how one of her past breast augmentations suffered a similar fate and became infected after surgery.

Following her latest work, Katie called a doctor after her facelift wounds started oozing pus, a source claimed.

The face op has left her features swollen and Katie admitted she thought she looked "like an alien" but she's denied claims she regrets having the multiple surgeries.

In a post on Twitter , she shared a link to a story about her surgery regrets which also suggested she's been begging for painkillers during her recovery.

Katie insisted it's just not true as she is very happy with the results.

She wrote: "This story so untrue in fact it’s polar opposite to how I’m feeling and not asking for medication.

"I’m up and about @comfortzonesurgery in Istanbul have done fantastic with everything."

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