Fans are thanking their lucky stars that Southern Charm wasn’t canceled after Thomas Ravenel’s sexual assault accusations, arrest, and lawsuit.

But with the departure of the disgraced former star, what storylines can they look forward to seeing next season?

Well, for one thing, Kathryn Dennis has announced that she’s dating Danni Baird.

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and long-time bestie Danni Baird have been enjoying the winter weather in the Colorado mountains.

“Out of our element,” Kathryn admitted in a selfie of the two of them. “On various levels.”

Charleston, South Carolina is part of a humid subtropical climate zone. The weather is very different in the Rocky Mountain winter.

But it was some of Kathryn’s other posts that really caught the attention of fans.

In another photo with Danni, Kathryn writes: “we’re in a serious relationship.”


Kathryn was not the only one raving about her significant other on social media.

“My hot date dressed me,” Danni wrote in the captions of a photo of her own.

In the pic, she and Kathryn are both wearing dresses and standing side-by-side.

“We would literally be glowing in the dark if it weren’t for,” Danni added, throwing in what appears to be an untagged product endorsement.

Bravo was quick to jump on the story, with it’s Daily Dish blog excitedly talking about the pair’s relationship and years of friendship.

So … are they dating for real?

RadarOnline reports that Kathryn and Danni are very good friends — but are not romantically involved.

“With Thomas getting fired and all the sex scandals hitting the show,” the insider begins to explain.

The source continues: “The producers and the network are desperate to drum up publicity for Southern Charm.”

“Everyone loves Kathryn,” the insider notes. “And so they’re trying to use anything she does in order to get people interested in the show.”

“But she and Danni are friends and they support each other,” the source clarifies. “They’re not romantically involved or dating.”

At this risk of foisting labels onto these women, this is more or less the equivalent of two straight girls “getting married” on Facebook because they’re besties.

That doesn’t happen so much anymore, because of marriage equality and because Facebook is mostly where old people go to be angry these days.

Kathryn and Danni are close friends — which we agree is a very serious relationship.

And someone being your “hot date” isn’t necessarily romantic — there are plenty of platonic “date nights” in this world.

Some might accuse Bravo of what’s known as queerbaiting in an effort to attract a larger LGBTQ+ audience with false promises.

But we think that anyone honestly looking at these posts isn’t going to be misled for long.

In real life, Danni ended her engagement to Todd Baldree in 2017.

Kathryn, who is truly living her best life these days, boned costar Shep Rose a number of times, but they’re keeping that very casual.

A lot of fans would be thrilled to see Kathryn and Danni together, since they would be so non-toxic and supportive.

But there’s a difference between wishful thinking and reality.

Let’s just let them be friends — albeit friends who make jokes about their bond, okay?

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