Jussie Smollett is NOT yet a suspect in the Chicago Police Department’s ongoing investigation into his attack — at least, that’s what the official word is from the department.

Multiple sources inside the department are now telling TMZ, on the other hand, that he IS a suspect, and that the department is seriously investigating the possibility that he staged and/or faked the attack.

The official wording from the department about Smollett not being a suspect came down early this morning, when the police told the media outlet (below):

“We have some information that needs to be corroborated and verified with the Empire cast member before we can answer this question. After new developments, we’ve reached out to his attorney and requested additional time to interview him.”

That makes a lot of sense, of course — police are in some ways back to square one with their investigation after clearing and releasing the two Nigerian brothers who may or may not have been involved in a set-up for the alleged attack.

Inside the department, though, it appears that there is a different sentiment: sources claim cops have long felt that “Jussie’s story didn’t track,” even though they “officially never let on” what they thought to the public.

So far, no words that Smollett has agreed to do another interview with police.

He has lawyered up, though, which is a smart, pragmatic move and well within his rights, no matter what role he did or didn’t play surrounding this attack.

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