Ya can’t cheat on someone if you’re not together anymore … that’s what Victoria’s Secret model Josie Canseco is saying after getting tips about Mike Stud hooking up with chicks behind her back. 

Here’s what we know … Josie began dating Stud in 2015. He put her in one of his music videos (wearing nothing but a bra and panties, straight FIRE!). 

Josie’s dad, Jose Canseco, famously threatened to shoot Mike if he mistreated his daughter — but they eventually all hung out and got along.

But, the couple hit a rough patch in 2018 and after trying to work things out, they eventually decided it was best to part ways. 

The split was pretty quiet — so when people saw Mike getting close with other women, they started messaging Josie, thinking the rapper was being unfaithful. 

But, Josie says that’s just not the case — explaining to her fans, “We’ve been split for a while now n to not worry!”

“Nothing but love for him always.”

Meanwhile, Josie is 22-years-old and one of the top models in the world. 

She won’t have any issues finding a new guy … if and when she chooses to do so. 

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