While Jon Gosselin has been living with his daughter Hannah and will soon be joined by his son Collin, he admits that his relationship with the other children is not that good. Speaking at WE tv’s Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future panel on Tuesday, December 11 in Los Angeles, the former reality TV star said he’s not on speaking terms with four of his sextuplets.

Jon also shares 18-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. He said, “Hannah lives with me full time, and then Collin. Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden, they’re with their mom, and then the twins are 18, so they’re adults.”

“The other four aren’t talking to me, but they’re talking to Hannah,” Jon revealed. But he has no problem with it as long as the siblings maintain good relationship between them. “It’s what the kids want to do. If they don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine, as long as they keep up with their sibling connections,” he said.”

Jon recalled the last time he saw all of his children, it was tense and awkward. “It was just volatile and a lot going on,” he shared. “It was just not a good time.” The father of eight had no idea how it became that way, adding to, “I still miss my other kids as well.”

He went on sharing, “It’s awkward, but I don’t know why they don’t like me or if they don’t like me. I don’t know.” Refusing to pressure his kids, he added, “I don’t really ask. If it’s uncomfortable for them or whatever’s going on, that’s up to them, so I kind of just stay. I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for them or uncomfortable for Hannah – Collin doesn’t really know because he hasn’t transitioned yet. I’m kind of just waiting until it all happens.”

Jon is not talking to Kate either, reasoning, “It’s too much right now.” The exes have been battling in court over the custody of their 14-year-old son Collin. Earlier this month, Jon was granted temporary sole custody of the teen after Kate missed the court hearing. Speaking of his ex’s absence at the court hearing, Jon told Us Weekly, “That’s her. I would never… I would always go to court, no matter what.”

Jon also talked about when Collin would be moving into his house. He said that the boy would leave a facility for children with special needs before Christmas. “We’re working out all the details now, all the transition[s] and all of that stuff,” he told

As for raising his daughter Hannah, Jon who also lives with his girlfriend Colleen said, “I’ve learned a lot about girls lately. It’s very difficult being a single father.” He jokingly added, “[Collin and I] live in a house full of girls, so girls rule and boys drool. We have to do anything that the girls do.”

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