Joe Biden knows it sounds like a cliche, but he’s encouraging Americans to hang in there and come together … and he’s trying to change the discourse and direction of the country after some very tough times … and what he said is VERY DIFFERENT from what we’ve become used to.

The President-elect delivered a pre-Thanksgiving address that was heavy on themes of unity, empathy and love … something that has largely been absent from presidential speeches.

Regarding Thanksgiving — Biden says he understands the pain and sadness hundreds of thousands of people will be feeling this year as COVID-19 deaths continue to rise … because his family has suffered a similar loss with the death of his son, Beau.

He says he knows it’s hard to care or be thankful in these moments, and acknowledges that 2020 Thanksgiving will not be the same because the pandemic is making families forego gatherings and traditions.

Still, Biden urges everyone to not lose sight of doing what has to be done to help one another … and that caring for each other is what is going to get us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, Biden points out that Americans have gotten through many hardships other than the coronavirus since the nation was founded … but these hardships were conquered by working together.

He sounds confident that if we all start spreading love instead of hate, and unity instead of divisiveness … we’ll come out of this alright too.

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