Joe Biden is feeling good about his chances to win the Presidency — or at least he did shortly before 1 AM ET, when he addressed his supporters … but President Trump is saying not so fast.

The former Vice President made his early morning speech in Wilmington, DE, telling the socially-distanced crowd he thinks he’s “on track” to get the W … once all the mail-in ballots and early votes are counted in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Biden also tried to warn that final count is gonna take a while. He thanked Americans for being patient … acknowledging what most experts are saying — with so many ballots to be counted in multiple states, neither candidate will get to 270 electoral college votes Tuesday night … or even Wednesday morning.

Joe says his campaign feels really good about its projected early lead in the race for 270 electoral votes, citing Fox News’ projected flip of Arizona from red to blue.

Trump is pushing a far different narrative … the Prez tweeted his campaign is actually winning and he’s accusing the Democrats of “trying to STEAL the Election.”

Trump’s saying votes can’t be cast after the polls are closed. He wasn’t specific about where that alleged cheating was happening. However, Biden’s mainly banking on early voting and mail-in ballots for the bulk of his votes … so, Trump’s beef might be a moot.

Twitter’s already flagged the President’s tweet as potentially being “misleading” — which is sure to piss him off even more.

Buckle up, the next few days are gonna be a wild ride.

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