Jimmy Eat World have shared thoughts about their classic album Clarity on its 20th anniversary.

In an Instagram post, the band admitted that they thought Clarity could be their final album following the commercial failure of its predecessor, Static Prevails.

“When we made Clarity over 20 years ago, our head space as a band was a mixture of defeat and mischief. After the total commercial failure of Static Prevails we knew that we were lucky to be given another chance by Capitol Records at making another album but we also knew that it would very likely be our last. It was like a last meal on death row. We loaded up our plate with string sections, timpanis, mallet instruments, and drum machines,” the band wrote.

Jimmy Eat World added, “We were so lucky to have that chance to make Clarity and we are as surprised as anyone that it’s an album that means something to others 20 years later.”

Clarity, which was the band’s third studio album, failed commercially and led to Capitol dropping the band. But, it was critically acclaimed and has since become a classic. Their following album Bleed American in 2001 went platinum in the U.S. and gold in the U.K.

“This album wouldn’t have happened without engineer/producer/mixer Mark Trombino, our A&Rs Craig Aaronson and Loren Israel, Jorge Hinojosa, our manager at the time who let us sleep on the floor in his offices while we were recording in LA,” the band said.

“Thanks to everyone who’s listened over the years to this album. We are eternally grateful for your support.”

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