If Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard don’t have their own reality show by the time the year is out, then 2020 has truly been a total waste of time.

Derick’s feud against Jim Bob Duggar has led to the Dillards essentially going rogue, tossing out the rules Jill was raised with, and spilling some closely-guarded secrets to very grateful Duggar fans.

There was a time when being a rebel in the Duggar family meant wearing a pair of jeans instead of the customary floor-length skirt.

But the Dillards have taken things to a whole new level.

Jill is drinking alcohol; Derick is openly bashing his in-laws …

We’re loving it, and we we’re guessing Jim Bob never imagined that this level of insurrection was even possible.

The Dillards have posted a series of YouTube videos in which they answer questions from fans, and it might be the closest we’ll ever get to an authentic, inside look at life inside the Duggar clan.

Jill and Derick have talked about their sex lives in the clips, but what might be even more interesting is an upcoming Q&A in which they open up about the origins of their relationship.

The video isn’t out yet, but Jill teased its existence in a recent Instagram post.

“Fun fact: because Derick was in Nepal and I was in AR for most of our relationship prior to engagement, we didn’t officially announce our ‘courtship’ until we were already engaged!” she wrote.

“Today marks 7 years since Derick asked me to be his girlfriend. In our new Q&A coming this week we will discuss our views on ‘courtship’ versus dating,” Jill added.

“It may not be what you think!”

The Duggar courtship process is one of the more controversial aspects of life inside what critics have called a fertility cult.

Jill might want to tread lightly here, because if she defends the process — and it sounds like she’s going to — then she’s sure to receive a very combative response from the family’s harshest critics.

“I really hope they say something like ‘it was really weird that we had to have people babysit us on dates and couldn’t have any privacy, even in our text messages,” one such critic recently wrote on Reddit, adding:

“Looking back now, it was pretty controlling.”

“I imagine none of the Duggar children actually prefer courtship, it’s just that they have no choice and have been told that it’s the right way,” another person added.

“Really proud of you guys for breaking away and doing what is BEST for you and your family. I can not imagine how difficult this must be!” a third commenter chimed in.

“When you married Derick he became your family,” the person added.

“I saddened and heartbroken that your extended family did not support you guys and has now done what they have.”

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It’s true that Derick is Jill’s sole support system these days.

And getting cut off from Jim Bob means being cut off from the family fortune, which is why it’s great that Jill and Derick are supplementing their income with these YouTube videos.

But it’ll be even better when they land that spin-off! Make it happen, TLC!

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