Couples that exercise together, stay together! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez showed their passion for fitness in new grueling workout pics – see inside!

Many couples resolve to go to the gym together in the new year, and Second Act actress Jennifer Lopez, 49, and retired Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 43, have shown that they want to stick to any possible new year’s goals, too! The power couple spent their Tuesday working on their fitness in Santa Monica, Daily Mail reported.

At their workout sesh, J. Lo wore a white tank top, forest-themed leggings, and a neon yellow sports bra underneath. She matched her bra to her sneakers, which were also a vibrant yellow hue. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, but still maintained a glam look with diamond earrings as she lifted weights. A-Rod sported a tight blue t-shirt and long, matching pants. A trainer joined the couple for the session, and J.Lo even watched on as her boyfriend was in full workout mode!

J. Lo and A-Rod’s relationship has been going strong for around two years, and one of the core activities that they’ve bonded over is fitness. “They’re both extremely fit people and very healthy people,” Alex Rodriguez Corporation Chief Operating Officer Jeff Lee told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in an interview. “They eat clean, they don’t drink, party or smoke. [Jennifer] doesn’t drink at all. I work out with both of them and I feel that Alex and I have an extremely good rhythm, but I always feel intimated when she’s working out because she’s probably the one person I can’t keep up with. Jennifer gets her game face on! It’s intimating how hard she works out.” We’re sure, if anything, J. Lo’s intense workout regimen brings the couple even closer together.

Even with their slam-packed schedules, it’s evident that J. Lo and A-Rod have made working out a priority in their lives. Between red carpet events, business meetings, and movie premieres, they still have found the time to prioritize themselves and their relationship. We’re sure we’ll continue to see their joint workout sessions in the future!

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