OK, picture this: your mother has to get surgery during a pandemic.

Scary, right? 

No doubt.

It may not be the most serious surgery in the world, but it’s still surgery, it’s still your aging mother, and it’s still all taking place while a potentially devastating illness has been ravaging the country.

You’d probably be nervous, wouldn’t you?

You may cry, or you may try to distract yourself with a book or a movie or something, but there’s one thing you almost certainly wouldn’t be doing.

And that’s dancing in the waiting room of the hospital while the surgery is happening.

But believe it or not, that’s exactly what Jenelle Evans was doing recently while her mother, our dearly beloved Barbara Evans, was having surgery done on her eye.

Then again, you probably don’t have much of a problem believing that at all.

Not only was Jenelle dancing, but she was doing those dumb TikTok dances she’s been so obsessed with for the past few months.

So, you know, less actual dancing and more jerky uninspired movements all mashed up together.

And yeah, she did look dead inside the entire time.

It’s just so bizarre — the action itself really, not so much the fact that Jenelle’s the one who did it.

(At this point, we really wouldn’t be surprised by any awful thing she could do.)

And many Teen Mom fans over on Reddit weren’t exactly impressed with this either.

“This is something my kids would have done when they were 9 or 10,” one person commented. “Not a grown ass woman with 3 kids.”

It’s true, especially if you know any kids right now — they really do these kinds of dances anywhere and everywhere, but it’s a little different for an almost 30-year-old woman waiting to take her mother home after surgery.

Another Reddit user joked “Well, good thing Babs can’t see her bending over as if she is about to take a dump out in the woods or something. I would be horrified if my mom saw me busting these moves.”

Quite a few people pointed out how much Jenelle loves attention, and that posting from hospitals and TikTok dances are two of her favorite ways to receive it, so she must have been really grateful for such an opportunity.

Others were surprised that she was wearing a mask in her videos, you know, because of her general lack of regard for other people and her bizarre belief that this makes her look cool.

But most of the comments were just about how remarkably embarrassing this whole thing is.

It’s great to have fun, even if it’s doing something that other people may think you’re too old to do.

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If she finds genuine joy in doing these weird half-ass dances, then good for her.

It’s just that the idea of her clapping her hands and bending over in a chair in a hospital waiting room while her mother has surgery during a horrifying pandemic is simply too much to bear.

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