Vanderpump Rules Season 7 is in full swing, and the majority of the drama seems to be surrounding James Kennedy and his alleged infidelity against girlfriend Raquel Leviss. As most of the cast is on good terms with one another now, much of the drama on the show comes from James’s interactions with his castmates. The DJ has already had altercations with Lala Kent, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney-Schwartz. After body shaming Katie, the waitress gave her SUR boss, Lisa Vanderpump, an ultimatum to either keep her or James. The offer worked in Katie’s favor as James was fired shortly after the discussion.

James’ cheating ways have also become the focal point of the show recently, as his relationship with Raquel Leviss has taken center stage over the last few episodes. After Kristen approached Raquel with a mutual friend who claimed to have slept with James, the model claimed she needed more proof to believe the rumors about James’ infidelity. Raquel’s obliviousness prompted responses from Lala Kent and Jax Taylor himself. Both Vanderpump Rules stars have called Raquel dumb, with Jax even addressing it on Twitter.

A viewer asked Jax about his comments regarding Raquel recently, questioning why the longtime bartender believed James’ model girlfriend was “dumb as rocks.”

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Tonight’s episode was an emotional one for me. Using the word dumb to describe why I choose to stay with James is completely inappropriate. I grew up not knowing I had a learning disability and wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until college. Learning was always difficult for me and not passing my ice cream multiplication test was one of the earliest challenges I faced. However I am NOT stupid. In fact in college I figured out the way I learned best and worked very hard for my degree graduating with honors. Words like STUPID and DUMB are just as offensive as the word FAT. Some other adjectives that more accurately describe the situation are patience, understanding, empathetic and forgiving. #pumprules

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“Little confused why you said Rachel is dumb as rocks? Is it because everyone knows James cheats and she doesn’t want to see it? That could have been said of Brit. Just surprised you of all people would comment so sharply,” the viewer tweeted.

Jax responded to the viewer with some serious tea.

“Only difference is I hated my self for what I did and wanted to be honest and fix what I did, he has not admitted after multiple girls came forward. And is still continuing with boys and girls. Big difference. That’s all I will say about that,” he shared.

Jax insinuating James is still cheating will definitely cause some waves at the reunion, especially since he hinted he is cheating with members of both sexes. It’s not the first time James has been accused of cheating on Raquel with a man, as Season 6 saw a flood of rumors regarding his relationship with Logan Noh.

James and Logan were the best of friends at the beginning of Season 6, but the two are now on the outs after drama spilled between them throughout the season. After the rumors swirled the men hooked up, James vehemently denied the allegations and Logan eventually admitted he spread the gossip. However, many believed Logan’s admittance of a hook up was forced, with Kristen even speaking out on Watch What Happens Live saying she believed it did, in fact, take place.

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