Aside from talking about her sisterly bond with the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker, the ‘Sweet Magnolias’ actress also opens up about her decision to quarantining with her mother amid the coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbizJamie Lynn Spears loves spending quality time with big sister Britney Spears and their kids, because the siblings can swap roles for a few hours.

The country singer and actress admits it’s odd that she’s a mum to two daughters and Britney has two boys, because Jamie Lynn was a tomboy growing up and the pop superstar was a “girly-girl”. So they get to be more like the mothers they thought they would be when they’re together.

“She gets to spoil my girls and I get to, like, be hard on her boys,” Jamie Lynn tells Access Daily. “It’s kind of fun to switch roles a little bit as girl-mom, boy-mom.”

The Spears girls were able to hang out together in Louisiana before the coronavirus lockdown kicked in and Jamie Lynn is still there after postponing plans to travel while promoting her new TV drama “Sweet Magnolias“.

“I was supposed to maybe travel a little bit but all of that got shut down and I just decided I would come and quarantine with my mom, because I didn’t want her going to the grocery store,” she explained. “She is in that age range that was more at risk, so I figured, ‘OK, I’ll be the one who does the grocery run’. We don’t live where things can just be delivered readily. We live in a part of the world where you’ve gotta go to the store and get it for yourself.”

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