The former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actor is nursing an elbow injury that sent him to a hospital to get stitches following a recent nasty fall off his skateboard.

AceShowbiz -Actor James Van Der Beek is recovering after a nasty Onewheel injury left him requiring stitches.

The former “Dawson’s Creek” star was hospitalised on Thursday (12Nov20) after suffering a nasty gash to his elbow following a fall off his skateboard.

Posting images and video from the emergency room on Instagram, James said, “I have a lot of fun with that thing (Onewheel), and it works great as long as the battery is above 10 per cent, but when it’s not, it gives a tiny bit of resistance and then it just nosedives without warning and that’s when I went over the front of it.”

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He also made it clear the accident didn’t occur while he was pulling trash cans down his driveway on the skateboard – something he documented on social media earlier in the day.

“I DEFINITELY should have been wearing a helmet,” he added. “I was VERY lucky. Helmet from now on. 4 Stitches. Very lucky.”

The accident happened only a month after he announced his decision to move his family from Los Angeles to Texas. His wife Kimberly’s two miscarriages, a health scare, his mother’s death, a business deal gone wrong, his early departure from “Dancing with the Stars” last year (19), and coronavirus lockdown had all played a big part in his family’ decision making.

“All of that led to some drastic changes in our lives, and dreams, and priorities… and landed us here. Overflowing with profound gratitude today,” he said.

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