It’s been a long time since a Duggar sister has made a pregnancy announcement, and fans are getting impatient. Will Jill be the next one with a baby bump? Some think this video proves it!

Jill Duggar, 27, and Derick Dillard, 29, gave birth to their sons Israel David and Samuel Scott in 2015 and 2017 — so when are they going to have baby number three? 2019 is almost here, so maybe it’s time for another one! And with a new video on Jill’s Instagram that shows her in a green cardigan over a gray sweatshirt, the pregnancy rumors about the mother of two are back in action. The baby bump speculation has died down a little since prenatal vitamins were spotted in the background of one of her posts, but this new footage has fans asking all over again.

“Is someone expecting? No more caffeine?” one user wrote, while another added, “Is she pregnant?” One of Jill’s followers kept their line of questioning even simpler, writing, “Baby?” The video itself had nothing to do with Jill’s stomach, focusing on the carton of unsweetened tea that she was pouring out into the sink. “Monday night fun!” she captioned the video. “#bostonteaparty.” Her husband was behind the camera as she emptied the beverage out and could be heard saying, “This is old tea. We were fed up with the system so we’re gonna give it back to them. That’ll show them.”

Jill and Derick are far from the only Duggar couple to be badgered about baby bumps recently. After Kendra Caldwell, 20, Joy-Anna Duggar, 21, and Jinger Duggar, 24, gave birth this year, Counting On fans have been frantically searching for the next pregnant sister in the famous fam.

Jessa Duggar, 26, was most recently facing pregnancy rumors. Similar to her older sister Jill, the speculation started over a sweater! The mother of two was wearing a baggy red one to the family Christmas party.

But until they’re ready to make an announcement, many fans find it offensive that social media users blatantly ask the females in this fam if they’re expecting. “Everyone has insecurities and to ask someone if they are pregnant or assume it, is just rude,” one wrote.

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