A backup dancer had a seizure in the middle of Iggy Azalea’s concert in Brazil, but some fans are blasting the ‘Kream’ rapper for how she went about the emergency — read her defense, and find out if her dancer is okay!

An emergency just happened on stage at Iggy Azalea’s concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Dec. 27! In the middle of the 28-year-old rapper’s performance of “Black Widow,” a backup dancer was having a seizure behind Iggy — watch the scary moment below. After turning around to see her dancer on the floor, Iggy broke off in the middle of a verse to announce, “Someone get a medic up here.” However, she carried on with a few more verses, albeit with an apparent look of distress on her face. Other backup dancers broke off from their routine to crouch by the woman, who continued shaking on the ground, and Iggy shortly stopped her performance afterwards.

Iggy didn’t leave us in the dark, giving an update on the dancer’s health on her Instagram Story afterwards. “Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone asking know my dancer is OKAY! The light and heat caused her to have a seizure,” Iggy wrote. “She is backstage feeling much better.” Still, Iggy’s on stage protocol upset many fans.

“Sooooo….. she couldn’t stop the performance? 🤨” one Instagram user asked under The Shade Room’s post of the incident. Another critic commented, “So if that was her up there having a seizure would she expect her dancer to keep dancing. Smh.” But Iggy defended herself against the backlash, insisting what she did was professional. The “Kream” rapper also claimed that she mistook the emergency for a minor injury!

“I thought she had just fallen/twisted her ankle,” Iggy wrote on her Instagram Story, but continued, “And it may sound harsh but; you keep singing until the music stops & ask for a medic which is what I did.” She then added that her crew is “all really shaken up by what happened & just thankful she is okay.”

But Iggy had one request for fans. “I know it’s easy to make memes of someone ‘passed out’ but someone having a seizure isn’t funny, it’s really scary!” she added. “So I hope my fans do not repost some of the memes I’m seeing about my dancer.”

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