Davina McCall, one of the most outspoken presenters on television, won’t be drawn on one topic – her divorce.

The former Big Brother host (51) announced last year that she and husband of 17 years Matthew Roberston would be parting ways and for the sake of their three children – Holly (17), Tilly (15) and Chester (12) – she will remain uncharacteristically mum about the split. In addition to her broadcasting work, McCall has earned legions of fans thanks to her candour when discussing her previous drug addiction and more recently, her delightfully defiant attitude in response to trolls on Instagram.

“OK, you think I’m too thin? I’m going to post a lot more pictures of myself in bikinis. That’s what I’m like. Tell me not to do something and I’m going to do it,” she told the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine.

“I think when you’re in your 20s and 30s, you’re thinking, ‘I want to wear a strapless dress and for my arms to not wibble wobble’. When you get to 50 it’s more, ‘I don’t want to get heart disease, I want to keep my cholesterol low, I want my blood pressure to be good.'”

But she is cautious when it comes to her family life and said she is “really conscious of the fact that Matthew isn’t famous” and likely won’t be given an opportunity to share his side of the story, should he be interested.

“There are so many positive things that I could say but I just can’t talk about it because of our kids,” she said.

“And also I’m really conscious of the fact that Matthew isn’t famous. So I could be shooting off willy-nilly about stuff, but where’s he going to vent his feelings? It’s not really fair on anyone.  And my truth isn’t his truth and his truth isn’t my truth. And more than anything, with a 17- and a 15-year-old… they read stuff and they are aware of it and I just don’t want them to have to see that.”

She went on to say that when considering a future partner, her main focus will be on friendship.

“I’ve had my kids. I’ve done that. If I choose a mate now, it isn’t to procreate, it’s for companionship and a deep and meaningful relationship,” she said. “Matthew and I made three great kids. But I’ve done it now, so you start looking for something completely different. So you’re not thinking about beauty as far as attracting the father of your children any more.

“I mean, on a purely selfish level I guess I’m just thinking about what makes me feel good. Which is so nice, right?”

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