Halsey showed off different sides of her fashion arsenal all night at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Not only did she make a couple of wardrobe changes before the show had even started, but she also had multiple wardrobe changes for her performances, as well.

In her solo performance of “Without Me,” Halsey wore a tight, red leather costume so short on its bottom that it almost looked like a thong. For the performance, she brought out dancer Jade Chynoweth and the two offered up a variation on the dance they performed two seasons ago on the finale of NBC talent show The Voice. That performance had been protested by some users because of its supposed lesbian sexual innuendo.

Later, Halsey appeared on stage for her collab with Korean pop sensation BTS. During this performance, Halsey wore a wig and made two more wardrobe changes as she joined the members of BTS in some of their carefully choreographed dance routines without disrupting things too much …

You can check out both of Halsey’s performances below. 

(Image source: Billboard Music Music Award Instagram account)

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