Halle Berry stripped down on Morocco’s sand dunes to share an important health lesson everyone needs to hear — see what that is!

At age 52, Halle Berry proved she’s forever a free spirit after ditching a top to snap a sultry photo in Morocco’s Sahara desert! The Catwoman actress is not nearly as laissez-faire when it comes to her health, however, as she reiterated in her caption of the sexy photo. “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live,” she wrote alongside her topless photo. We’re taking her advice, after seeing her toned abs on full display in the post below.

As for how we can take care of our bodies, we’ve previously relayed Halle’s four cornerstones to retaining her X-Men days figure: cardio, keto diet, a lot of water and skincare. “Halle follows a cardio heavy workout routine, and she believes increasing the blood flow and getting the circulation moving stimulates cell renewal and helps promote a glowing complexion,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in Dec. 2018. You can even follow one of Halle’s cardio routines here, with one added benefit: the moves increase sexual arousal in women. Everyone, this lady deserves a round of applause.

Going into Halle’s pantry, our source continued that the Keto diet requires her to avoid “all processed foods and sugar” and instead opt for “healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil and eggs, in addition to a ton of protein, fruit and veggies.” For the specifics of the actress’s skincare routine, our insider added that “she religiously cleanses, tones and moisturizes her face twice a day, and always uses Kinara products,” and “never leaves the house without factor 15 suncream on to block out any harmful rays.”

We’re excited to see Ms. Berry’s on-screen glow once again when she presents at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards this Sunday, Jan. 6! Sam Rockwell, Lena Waithe, Harrison Ford and Jessica Chastain will also be joining her as presenters…stay tuned for our coverage of the event!

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