There’s no denying that Kate Wright has a figure to die for, but not everyone is convinced by the size of her tiny waist in a recent Instagram snap.

The picture shows Kate, 27, in a neon-orange swimsuit during a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, where she got engaged to ex-footballer boyfriend, Rio Ferdinand, 40.

But the sharp angle of her waist raised eyebrows among fans.

‘Has she airbrushed her waist?’ questioned one. Another wrote, ‘Photoshopped to high heaven, her waistline has had 2 triangles cut out. She’s such an idiot.’ A third quipped, ‘Her waist isn’t that small normally so either she doesn’t work out that hard, or someone is using Photoshop.’


This isn’t the first time Kate’s divided followers over the size of her waist, as she was forced to hit back at trolls who accused her of Photoshopping last year, after fans were unconvinced yet again by her holiday snaps. Taking to Instagram at the time, she shared 
a video of herself moving around in a bikini to prove she hadn’t edited her pics.

She wrote, ‘For every hater saying I Photoshop my body… I don’t.’

Kate has previously said, ‘My waist goes up and down but I don’t know what happened there, I think God just gave me a small waist.

‘As soon as I don’t go to the gym I just puff up and I put [weight] on my face and legs.’

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Beach days ?

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Kate regularly posts workout videos from her and Rio’s home gym, although she recently admitted that she has been held back due to breaking her wrist.

‘Limited to what I can do training wise, but not letting it prevent me from training and keeping positive,’ she revealed.

Meanwhile, other fans were quick to praise her figure in her latest shot. One commented ‘body goals’, and another wrote, ‘absolutely stunning’.
We think you look great, too, Kate!

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