During the interview, she also expressed disappointment in her OWN show.

Lindsay Lohan’s promo tour rages on, doing an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday, before her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" later this evening.

That’s right, we’re getting to the good stuff now!

Making her debut appearance on Stern’s SiriusXM show, the "Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" star was questioned about her dating life by the inquisitive host, who brought up a few of her famous exes.

He first mentioned Wilmer Valderrama, who she dated back in 2004. Calling him the "first" of her boyfriends, she went on to call him "a good guy." Stern, of course, also pointed out that he’s "so f–king good looking," something she didn’t deny.

He later asked about her relationship with Samantha Ronson, who she began dating in 2008. The coupling made headlines at the time as the DJ was the first woman Lohan dated in the public eye.

"I talk about that on the show," said Lindsay. When asked if it was "painful" to revisit by Howard, Lohan said, "No, we’re friends more than anything. We were always more best friends."

One of her VIP "ambassadors" on the show is bisexual, she explained, adding that she "comes to his defense a bit" during an upcoming episode. "They shouldn’t be passing any judgment," she added of his costars.

"I was the first one who was like, that came out about it, really, for my age," she continued. When asked why people were so "angry" about her own relationship back in the day, she added, "It was weird."

Stern also asked about the "great love of her life," though she refused to name names about who it was. "It was years ago, I can’t say his name. It’s no one famous," she said. Lohan played it coy about why they split, but added, "He lied about two things. It was something serious. When you’re with someone for four years, that’s a little too long to hold a lie."

Any guesses?

Other tidbits gleaned from the chat with Stern: she considers herself a "homebody" now, comparing her wilder years to that of a normal college student … and called her "Lindsay" show on OWN "scripted in a false way," though blamed the production company and not Oprah for the final cut.

"Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" airs Tuesday’s on MTV.

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