Today, Courteney Cox sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to promote Nine Months (her new Facebook Watch series documenting the pregnancy cycle of a diverse group of couples throughout the United States), talk about Instagram, and have an unexpected mini reunion with Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow.

After Courteney discussed her show, Ellen switched the topic to Instagram, a social platform that Courteney admitted she is “scared” of but wants to use to promote her new show. Ellen, who boasts over 65 million Insta followers, offered to help her out. She surprised Cox with a recreation of an iconic setting from Friends: Central Perk, the gang’s go-to meeting spot in the heart of Greenwich Village.

When the two sat down on the couch for a photoshoot, they grabbed their extra large coffee mugs and pretended to drink while they fake-laughed, as one does to get the perfect candid ‘gram.

Courteney even called out “Gunther!” because she anticipated the Central Perk manager would be around to bring them more coffee, but unfortunately actor James Michael Tyler was not there.

“I wish Lisa Kudrow was here because that would be fun,” Ellen told Courteney, adding they were sitting on the actual couch from the Friends set.

The crowd began to cheer as the show’s iconic theme song “I’ll be There For You” by The Rembrandts blasted from the speakers while Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, the guitar-playing eccentric wildcard with a heart of gold, walked out to the audience’s amazement.

“This is your first shot,” declared Ellen, and Courteney responded: “This is my first Instagram shot? Oh my God, it’s downhill after this.” Lisa laughed and admitted that she “forgot why we’re all here.”

Courteney interjected to show her appreciation to her former co-star and real-life friend: “You came here, thank you.” Kudrow quipped back, “Oh, I wanted to be there for you. Get it?”

Watch the full reunion in the video above.

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