Giants quarterback Eli Manning got a Super Bowl Sunday surprise on Feb. 3 when he and his wife Abby welcomed their fourth child into the world.

Eli Manning, 38, and Abby McGrew, 35, had a great start to Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3. Shortly after midnight the New York Giants quarterback and his wife welcomed their fourth child into the world. The baby is the first son for the couple who are already parents to three girls – Ava Frances, 7, Lucy Thomas, 5, and Caroline Olivia, 4. They have named this latest bundle of joy, Charles “Charlie” Elisha, according to Newsday.

Eli opened up to Parents magazine about fatherhood back in 2012. Asked what is more nerve-wracking – going into the Super Bowl or the delivery room – the football star, who was then just a father-of-one, said, “Both are very exciting. In terms of the Super Bowl, I know what to expect. With parenting, this has been a brand-new experience. It’s life-changing. Every day you learn something new. I was very nervous, but ultimately I’m very happy and I’m overwhelmed by all the love I have for my little girl.”

During that interview Eli also revealed if he wanted to have a boy. He said at the time, “I think a lot of guys want a son because of all of the things they do while growing up. A lot of guys want to share those experiences with their own sons. I’m not hoping for a son and I won’t be disappointed with other girls because Ava is just so much fun. Having a girl is a blast. I don’t care what happens down the road, as long as the children are healthy.”

Now Eli and Abby, who have been married since 2008, finally have a son. He clearly treasures fatherhood. In June 2014 he spoke to Parade about the joys of being a dad. Speaking about his favorite little moments, he said, “When we have the whole family together, maybe bath time when I have both kids in the bathtub and they start splashing each other and making each other laugh. That usually gives me my biggest smile – when I see both my girls interacting with each other.” Four and a half year later, Eli and Abby have another daughter, and now a son, to throw into the mix. Congrats guys!

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