The Duggar family is feeling the heat from its following on Instagram after posting a photo of Tyler and Jackson Duggar fishing.

The Duggar family probably thought that posting a picture of family members Jackson, 14, and Tyler, 11, fishing would be good, clean, family fun. But fans weren’t so pleased with the photos, which were posted on April 17. One fan commented, “So it’s A-OK to kill fish. Got it.” Another said, “God doesn’t appreciate you, killing his creatures.” Someone else commented, “I wonder how God feels about his creatures being caught in their natural habitat and hung by their cheeks for sport.”

But not all fan feedback was negative. One person said, “Omg there [is] nothing wrong with fishing!! I can’t believe this is even an issue!!!” Another replied, “They look so proud of themselves! So good for boys to have activities like that!” Someone else was more focused on the kids being outdoors, saying, “So nice kids are outside enjoying nature instead of being stuck behind a screen.” That’s definitely another way to look at it!

The original caption of the series of three photos from the Duggar family read, “There is no better way to spend an afternoon than by going fishing! At least according to Jackson and Tyler! #perspective #bigcatch #childhoodunplugged.” The pics showed the boys having a nice time fishing, and even catching some, too. The fishing activity was definitely more controversial than their low-key egg-decorating pic from their Easter Sunday celebration.

One of the young boys, Tyler, was formerly biologically cousins with the 19 other Duggar children. But Jim Bobb, 53, and Michelle, 52, adopted the child in 2016, bumping their child count up to 20.

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