Meghan Markle has officially completed her tour of all four of her new causes with a visit to the Association of Commonwealth Universities on Thursday.

The Duchess of Sussex went to see the last of the set of official patronagesshe recently announced would help define her public life.

Meghan, who is expecting her first child in late April, arrived in her black Givenchy coat, which she previously wore last year on Remembrance Sunday.

And she changed up her usual hairstyle — which she usually wears down or in a messy bun — and debuted her first top knot. 

The sleek look showed off her Dean Davidson “Midi Knockout” stud earrings, which she has worn before.

Meghan headed to the City University in London to meet with students and academics from the Association of Commonwealth Universities network. 

It came a day after husband Prince Harry, 34, had made his own Commonwealth-based visit when he took part in a roundtable discussion with young leaders from around the world in his role as the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

On Thursday’s visit, she talked with students from the Commonwealth who are now studying in the U.K. and for whom access to university has transformed their lives.

When Meghan was announced as the new patron, Secretary-General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Dr. Joanna Newsom, told PEOPLE, “She’s going to be a fantastic patron. She’s going to be a very powerful champion of the causes that the ACU worries about and champions itself. She has a track record in being a champion of causes like support for women and social mobility and improving access to education across the world. These are all issues that the ACU care about.”

The Queen, 92, was patron for 33 years. “If the patronage was to be handed over, we are thrilled it is going to be the duchess. But there is a legacy too – and we have the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship and these are now open for application.”

“She’s really enthusiastic and extremely articulate on higher education. She is also a graduate of Northwestern and she understands the world of higher education,” Dr. Newsom said. “She is capable of understanding the whole range of issues in higher education. She is an articulate speaker and very inspirational — and easy to speak to.”

Large crowds gathered, hoping to catch a glimpse of Meghan.

Last month at the ACU, the royal mom-to-be met university leaders, academics and international scholarship students as they discussed the role of higher education in addressing issues such as human trafficking, modern slavery, gender equality and climate change.

The ACU is the world’s first and oldest international university network, with more than 500 member institutions in over 50 countries.

Meghan stopped to greet the crowd as she made her way back outside.

Some lucky fans even got a handshake!

Meghan has now officially visited all four of her patronages!

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