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Here are photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heading to a formal dinner at the National Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan this evening (Pakistan-time). This was their third costume change of the day! And William was the one who decided to honor the host nation by wearing more traditional clothing – William wore a sherwani by Naushemian. He looks nice, actually. It’s great to see him in something different and that color is great on him.

Kate wore Jenny Packham – a conservative, covered-up look in a deep emerald color. Green is the color of Pakistan, so that was how she honored the country, plus it looks like Packham did a built-in scarf on the shoulder to make this look more Pakistani-influenced. I’m trying to grab a few close-ups because I think the details are being missed in the wider shots – there’s a real design to the sequins/beading on the dress. My only complaint here is that I would have liked to see her hair completely up. Her chandelier earrings are from Onitaa, a Pakistani jewelry company/designer.

I’ve seen the conversation in the comment section about what is and is not cultural appropriation. My Indian dad always told me he loved to see Western women wearing traditional Indian designs because, in his mind, those designs were the most beautiful garments in the world and they should be shared. I don’t even think there’s that fine a line – garments like the sherwani and kurta and shalwar kameez are not specifically religious garments which should never be worn by outsiders. They’re cultural and national fashion, to be embraced by anyone and everyone. That’s my take.

Also: the Cambridges arrived by rickshaw. Which is sort of cool and was likely arranged through negotiations with the British embassy and the Pakistani protocol people, it’s not like Will and Kate just hopped on a rickshaw out of nowhere.

— Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) October 15, 2019

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