Dr. Luke is firing back at Lady GaGa‘s emotional September 2017 deposition over Kesha‘s alleged rape.

As we reported, according to recently unsealed legal documents, the A Star Is Born actress said the Tik Tok singer confided in her over the years of the alleged abuse she suffered from the music producer.

The songwriter — born Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald — is calling B.S. on GaGa’s recollection.

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His legal team sent out the following statement on Wednesday:

“Being passionate about a topic that concerns us all is admirable. However, Lady Gaga has no knowledge of what happened on the night at issue because she was not there.”

In fact, Luke’s legal team re-gave their account of the night in question.

“Kesha got kicked out of a party after drinking too much and vomiting. As an act of kindness, Dr. Luke offered to allow her to sleep in his hotel suite, a few blocks away… Kesha slept on the bed in the hotel suite, while Dr. Luke separately slept on the couch. Dr. Luke testified under oath that he did not have any contact with Kesha. Kesha herself admitted under oath that she has absolutely no memory of Dr. Luke even being in the hotel room… Kesha has no memory of Dr. Luke engaging in inappropriate contact with her because it did not happen.”

Very different…

Because she is a survivor of sexual abuse, GaGa experienced PTSD reactions during the line of questions, and even snapped at Luke’s lawyer saying, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

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