Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, are ready to try anything possible to fight her cancer, including alternative treatments.

As Beth battles what was called an “incurable” case of cancer, a new report claims that the couple is seeking out doctors for other treatments beyond the chemotherapy she is already undergoing. As Hollywood Life reported, they are willing to try anything that might help.

“Beth is preparing for the battle of her life,” a representative for the family told the celebrity news outlet. “She was given a 50/50 chance of the chemotherapy working, so the Chapmans are searching for other treatments, including in Boston, Houston, and possibly at MD Anderson.”

Though the diagnosis may have been grim, Beth and Dog have been keeping the faith and want things to remain as normal as possible. As the Hollywood Life report noted, that includes Dog returning to bounty hunting to provide for the family and pay for the expensive treatments.

“Beth is very strong, very healthy, and very, very active,” the representative said. “They are trying hard to keep things as normal as possible for their children, but are desperately clinging to each other while they go through the search for a cure.”

And Beth Chapman has also kept a good perspective about the idea that she may be in her final months. In an interview with Us Weekly, Dog the Bounty Hunter said that Beth has already been thinking about what she would want to have at her funeral.

“She’s like, ‘Here’s the casket I want, and here’s the flowers.’ I said, ‘Beth, don’t say that.’ And she said, ‘What? You don’t want me planning my funeral? Well, I’m going to. And she’ll say, ‘You have to face the facts.’ But I don’t want to.”

Beth Chapman had initially been diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent treatment that removed the cancer. But just a few weeks ago, she had to undergo an emergency procedure to remove a mass from her throat and learned that the cancer had returned. Dog the Bounty Hunter told Us Weekly that the cancer had now spread throughout her throat and lungs, and he described it as “incurable.”

Both Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman have been showered with love and support from fans, many of whom took to social media to send uplifting messages and let the couple know that they are praying for Beth in her cancer battle.

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