Last March DMX was sentenced to a year in federal prison for tax evasion, and I’m not going to lie to you, but I had no idea he was back in jail. When I didn’t hear anything about him, I figured he finally got his shit together and opened up a hotel for dogs, living his best life and barking at the moon with them every night. Actually that probably would have landed him in the clink as well, but none of that matters. He’s out now and he’s ready to take on the world once more. And hopefully not just long enough before they lock his ass up again.

TMZ reports that as of this morning X is a free man after completing a one-year sentence at West Virginia’s Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution. I hope they did the right thing by playing Party Up upon his release. Actually they probably keep that song on a loop for the inmates and the workers on a daily basis since it is, you know, prison. But don’t think that X will be breaking out his fluffiest robe and Bieber slippers to sip Cognac and chill as soon as he gets home, because this dude has other obligations called restitution and child support. Be prepared for a whole bunch of DMX on your timelines for the 1-9.

As we reported … DMX is planning on dropping a new album and tackling some new movie projects, including a possible biopic!

With his prison sentence complete, X must now start forking over $2.3 million in restitution to Uncle Sam … and he also has to start outpatient programs for substance abuse and mental health.

I’m all for my hip hop OGs coming back and dropping new shit but I can’t imagine what X can contribute to this new era of mumble mouth motherfuckers who don’t enunciate their words. Perhaps a whole album of trap music where all he does is grunt and bark since that’s what most music sounds like now anyway. But his music aside, expect a biopic about X’s life that will be depressing and dark (because, see: his life). I’m thinking they should go the cartoon route and use either Snoopy or Scooby-Doo in the role of X. I hear they’ve both been trying to snag more serious roles for a while now.


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