HollywoodLife caught up with Dinah Jane for an EXCLUSIVE chat at the 1st leg of the ‘Future of Awesome Tour.’ Find out her 2019 New Year’s resolution, & the story behind her brand new track!

Dinah Jane, 21, is full steam ahead when it comes to her solo career, and nothing is slowing her down! In addition to releasing multiple new songs this month, the superstar has teamed up with Xfinity and Sofar Sounds to create a new epic concert series! The star launched the ‘Future of Awesome Tour,’ and before the first stop, HollywoodLife caught up with the former Fifth Harmony songstress for an EXCLUSIVE chat. Find out the most important thing she’s learned so far this year, and why sometimes, a solo career can be “bittersweet.”

You debuted some new music live recently! That’s so exciting.

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