SPOILER ALERT – This post contains spoilers from Dead to Me season two, so beware of reading any further if you don’t want to know what happened!

The second season of Dead to Me is streaming now and the season kicked off with a huge twist… and then ended with an even bigger one.

Liz Feldman, the creator of the series, is opening up about how the season two finale almost ended with an even bigger cliffhanger than what happened.

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In the finale, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini‘s characters Jen and Judy were involved in a car accident with a very drunk Ben, played by James Marsden.

Ben drove away from the scene of the accident and while Judy is fine, Jen seemed a little out of it, though she’s going to survive.

“It was pitched early on and we thought about different ways of ending it, but we always kept coming back to this end because it felt like such a full-circle, karmic moment while still being able to deliver the kind of surprise and delight that I want to leave people with,” Liz told THR.

“It was actually scripted that we don’t know whether she survives or not. We [initially] wanted to go for the most dramatic version of [the] scene. And when we shot the version of it with Jen not coming to, it did [indeed] feel incredibly dramatic. But it also felt pretty dark,” Liz said in an interview with TVLine.

She added, “And so on the day we were shooting it I very quickly went, ‘You know what? Let’s quickly get a shot of her eyes opening and her waking up and saying something.’ So we added that to it. And I’m really glad we did because it’s just much more satisfying. I’m always interested in leaving people with an element of fun. Also, I’m not a big fan of Schmuck Bait. I like to give my audience credit. I know they know that we’re not going to kill off [Christina Applegate] at the end of season two. It felt like it would’ve been a bit insulting to the audience.”

While Dead to Me‘s third season hasn’t yet been confirmed, Liz seems pretty confident that Netflix is going to give them another one.

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