Chalk this up for one I would never have seen coming, even if it was written in Live Journal fan fiction form. Al B. Sure! was performing in Harlem Sunday at “The Kings And Queens Of New Jack Swing” concert, where Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey was somehow a guest. I would normally take that as Danielle just looking to avoid spending time with her live-in estranged husband, but I guess she was up that way to lock lips with Al B – and, for once, this Housewives dalliance didn’t take place at the Regency!

Page Six says Danielle and Al B. were seen playing tonsil hockey at the Aloft hotel in Harlem. Dammit, Al, don’t you know Danielle is a lady?! She at least deserves the Four Seasons! OK, fine, we’ll settle at a Sheraton. Hell, after Elektra on Pose reminded me of Al B. earlier this year, I’d probably settle on a by-the-hour Motel 6, but this isn’t about me. Some snitch saw the whole thing go down:

“They were making out at the bar. He hugged up on her, and they looked very cozy. They didn’t care who was there.It wasn’t a packed lobby either. . .nobody was there. She stood out like a sore thumb. It didn’t seem like their first rodeo.”

Well, well, well! Danielle is growing up by sinking her claws into a new victim, er, man and not having Bravo cameras in tow. What’s even stranger is that Danielle’s spokesperson, who is probably just Danielle, told Page Six that she and Al “have been friends for a very long time and someone probably misconstrued what they saw.” Now, on the one hand, we could believe every word Danielle is saying because she is known for her honesty and platonic friendships with gentleman callers. On the other, we could say, “Trick, who are you trying to fool?! If you were friends with an actual celeb, we would have known about it and seen his ass paraded around each episode of your little show!


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