Victoria Beckham has done a lot of things in her life. She’s been part of a world famous band, a mega fashion designer, and a busy mom of four, and there’s another impressive hidden talent of hers: dancing.

Cruz Beckham posted a sweet video of his mom on his Instagram, showing her practicing her ballet (some relevés, to be precise) on pointe shoes, and by our professional standards, absolutely nailing it. There’s an unknown male voice in the video who also agrees (ruling out David as spectator due to the American accent) praising her talent saying, “I’m very impressed, look how good mommy is.”

However, Victoria isn’t a dancing novice, back in 1991 she trained as a professional dancer studying at Laine Theatre Arts in Surrey, England. She’s also not shy when an opportunity for a boogie arises these days, whether it’s a with dance Harper or at a Mayfair Club party.

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