“In the world we live in, the standard of beauty is not really real,” the newlywed, 36, tells PEOPLE. “And that’s something that we have done to ourselves.”

“Of course there’s been times growing up that I felt insecure about something physically,” reveals Cabello, 22, who will make her film debut as Cinderella in an upcoming version of the fairy tale. “But I’ve always known someone’s personality is the most important and most attractive or unattractive quality.”

“I feel very comfortable with the fact that my body will fluctuate and change and that’s important too,” the 29-year-old tells PEOPLE. “I’m not trying to maintain a certain image of any kind. This is what the human experience is like. I’m in other countries, I’m going to eat those foods. I’m not going to stop doing that because I’m worried.”

Counting women like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn as role models, Musgraves, 30, hopes her future includes “a rhinestoned cane, platinum-silver hair like Emmylou Harris, endless good stories and a (hopefully) sharp memory,” she tells PEOPLE. “And still finding inspiration along the way.”

The former Most Beautiful cover star, 36, “was a tomboy,” she admits to PEOPLE. “My parents did not emphasize gender norms. I loved climbing trees and getting dirty outside. I also enjoyed playing tricks on my family—I still do!”

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