Light at the end of the tunnel!!! Maybe. Because there’s now a plan to vaccinate like crazy and get this country back to something that resembles normal by May, 2021.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientific advisor to Operation Warp Speed, told Jake Tapper Sunday on CNN, the drug companies — notably Pfizer and Moderna — are ready to ship out millions of doses of their vaccines as early as December 11, the day after anticipated FDA approval.

Dr. Slaoui went on to say 20 million doses would be shipped out in December, and 30 million a month thereafter. When you do the math, by May … around half the country would be vaccinated and the good Doc thinks that opens the door to a restoration of normal life.

The problem … May could be the sunset month for the vaccine, since half the country seems opposed to getting the shot. Nonetheless, if the vaccines do indeed provide 95% protection from the virus — and especially if you choose the people with whom you interact face-to-face based on their inoculation status … there would be reason to feel relatively safe from COVID.

Premature hallelujah.

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