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Connie Britton was on Busy Tonight this week after the Globes. She and Busy reminisced about the time they first met, on a TV show called Life as We Know It, which aired from 2004 to 2005. I watched that! Peter Dinklage was in it as a school counselor. Connie said that was the start of her career, that she was spiritual and into meditation at that time and owes a lot to that. When Busy told her everyone loves her, Connie said that she wishes she had a special someone.

Everybody is in love with you Connie, you know that right?
I just need one of them to be a guy who wants to marry me. Why is it so hard?

You don’t do online?
No. I almost just swore just now.

Everyone gets paired with Matthew Perry
The one with the famous people is all Matthew Perry. I love Matthew Perry but we’re not going to date.

I do have this dream of meeting somebody on the plane. I love to travel. I fly a lot.

What was the gossip [at the Globes]?
I’ve gotten to be friends with Julia Roberts and she was sitting right below. She’s a real girl’s girl. She tried to set me up with somebody. It hasn’t worked out yet. At least mama tried.

It’s not really a healthy friendship, it’s more like I idolize her and she’s nice to me. Everybody understands that. Don’t judge me.

[From Busy Tonight on Youtube]

Connie also talked about her character on Dirty John, Debra Newell, and explained how John Meehan targeted and manipulated her. Connie really seemed to understand and sympathize with Debra, which you need to do when you’re playing someone I guess.

I remember hearing about that dating app for famous people! It’s called Raya and it must not work well if everyone is getting matched with Matthew Perry. That evil bastard John Meehan used OurTime to target women, it’s a dating site for people over 50. He had just gotten out of prison when he met Debra. It’s hard to meet guys once you’re older. Connie is probably doing the right thing by getting the word out that she’s single and looking. If you’re famous it can only help. Meet cutes rarely happen in real life.

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