Well-known CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski and his wife, Rachel Louise Ensign, are in mourning right now after their 9-month-old daughter Francesca passed away on Christmas Eve.

Francesca had been battling “an extremely rare and very aggressive rhabdoid brain tumor” after first being diagnosed with the disease back in September. She was born on March 11th, and was just 9 months old at the time of her passing.

Kaczynski announced his daughter’s tragic death on Friday night, sharing the tragic news first on Twitter and noting how “heartbroken” he was over the passing of his innocent, sweet little girl.

He shared a series of tweets (below), as you can see:

Our hearts…

And he and Ensign — who is a Wall Street Journal reporter — even attempted to write an obituary to reflect the impact the little girl had on them in the nine months she was alive, calling her “an outgoing, bold, and curious baby”:


Just absolutely gut-wrenching.

Our hearts go out to Andrew and Rachel as they continue to mourn Francesca’s tragic death.


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