Chase Hudson is opening up about his nickname Lil Huddy!

The 18-year-old TikTok star was the latest guest on Dixie D’Amelio‘s Early Late Show on her YouTube channel.

During the video, Dixie asked him why his name was “Lil Huddy” and not “Big Huddy.”

“My dad. My dad actually grew up being called ‘Huddy,’ and once I was born, my dad’s always wanted a son so he could call him ‘Little Huddy,’” Chase said. “So I’ve been called ‘Little Huddy’ since I was young… My great grandpa started calling my dad ‘Huddy.’”

Chase also revealed his first impression of Dixie, and she had a “RBF,” otherwise known as a “resting b–ch face.”

“My first impression of you, I thought you were terrifying, because not only were you like [Charli] and didn’t talk when I first met you, but you had an RBF,” he dished. “It just didn’t go well. I was like, ‘Oh she hates me, I already know it.’”

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