Caroline Flack was tragically confirmed dead last Saturday and since news of her death hit headlines, tributes from fellow celebrities and members of the public have been littering social media with posts commemorating the bubbly young woman’s life. The 40-year-old is reported to have taken her own life.

Finding the words to express them [her views] is hard because they are wrapped in sadness, anger and guilt

Martel Maxwell

Among the moving acclamations, Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martel Maxwell, wrote a lengthy tribute column expressing her “guilt” and sadness over the tragic event.

“I thought this column on Caroline Flack would be easy to write,” she began, before explaining she and the Love Island host are similar ages and was pressed by TV and radio stations to speak out about the devastating circumstances.

“Finding the words to express them [her views] is hard because they are wrapped in sadness, anger and guilt.

“Yes, guilt. Because for all the fingers being pointed – whether at the press, social media or the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) – millions of us took an interest in the dramatic turn of events in her life, which started with the alleged beating of her boyfriend. People were hungry to know more,” she stated.


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“I was one of them. Clicking on headlines about police being called to her London flat, reading reports she had hit Lewis Burton over the head with a lamp while sleeping,” she said, admitting outsiders were “shocked” and “lapped up” the various reports.

Martel continued to refer to the pictures posted in the press of Caroline’s flat looking unkempt, images of blood on the front door and her neighbour’s accounts, calling the whole situation a “circus.”

“I was baffled. It was a mystery. What was up in the life of this girl who seemed to have it all?” she wondered.

“But she didn’t feel great. Behind the facade was a 40-year-old woman who was no different to any other with mental health issues.”

The BBC presenter suggested that, in hindsight, people should have picked up on red flags that she wasn’t doing OK.

“A former boyfriend once called the emergency services for fear she was a danger to herself.

“Whispers were rife in the media she had in fact tried to harm herself on the night of the alleged assault – something that has been reported in recent days,” she penned.

The property show host went on to say the source “more guilty” of the tragedy is social media and the “few boundaries” that come with it.

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The words come just before Caroline’s family released an unpublished Instagram post that they say she wrote shortly before she died.

In the post, Caroline had written a lengthy explanation, wanting her voice to be heard.

She had drafted: “Within 24 hours my whole world and future was swept from under my feet and all the walls that I had taken so long to build around me collapsed.

“I am suddenly on a different kind of stage and everyone is watching it happen.”

Her mother said she had been advised not to publish the message, which has now been shared through the Eastern Daily Press.

Reiterating an important message to “be kind” to one another because of people’s vulnerability, Martel signed off her piece with impactful words.

“It should not have taken her death to figure this out. RIP Caroline Flack.”


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Martel stepped in to fill Lucy Alexander’s shoes after she left Homes Under The Hammer in 2016.

She appears alongside property expert Martin Roberts and ex-footballer Dion Dublin, to host the home renovation show, referring to elements of the job as “heartwarming.”

“The schedule involves giving first impressions of the home, six pieces to camera walking down the street or inside and interviews with whoever has purchased the property,” she told the Dundee Evening Telegraph in 2017 after taking over the role.

“That’s the bit I find really interesting as that’s when you get to hear the stories behind the purchase, some of which are incredibly heartwarming.”

Homes Under The Hammer continues weekdays at 10am on BBC.

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